4AD cyp and HTPA question??

  1. 4AD cyp and HTPA question??

    I'm not real experienced with 4AD but have a question.
    What effects does the cypionate version have on HTPA?
    I and my training partner are both running 4ad cyp now. I am using hcg so am not so concerned but he just finished 10 weeks with no hcg and says he had zero nut shrinkage. I would expect that at 1800mg/week of cyp use he should see more shut down than that... am I off base here?

  2. It will shut you down, just like regular 4ad. Nut shrinkage is not always the best measure of shutdown.

  3. Just like Grant said, nut shrinkage doesn't mean anything. He probably felt great as well since 4ad converts to test, so there is now way to feel the shut down on it. I garuntee he was though, and needs to run pct properly. Next time I would suggest saving the hcg for something stronger, JMO.

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