Could we get a liver support sticky?

  1. Could we get a liver support sticky?

    I have been reading like crazy about liver support supplements in many different places. Some of the info may just be old I dunno but either way I'm left somewhat confused. Milk thistle, NAC, ALA, Tyler's, Liv.52 etc. Some people swear by certain ones some say they all suck. And then there is the question of when and how long. Some take their liver sups only during cycles, some take before during and after, and still others say that if you're not taking it year round than it isn't going to help. and dosages?

    I am going to continue looking up info but I just thought it would be extremely helpful to get a sticky going on the subject, and hear from some of the really experience guys on the board. This seems really important for those starting out to know and would be nice to have the lastest info easily accessible.

  2. I'll second that!

  3. Seems like a good idea. Helping people pay attention to safety should be a priority, since it seems there are many who are not up to speed on what is really advisable in terms of protectants. I know I'm always learning...

  4. well for milk thistle try to get around 1 gram a day with 80% standardization
    for Nac 600mg ed
    for ALA a good 200mg is all that is needed for protection
    for vitamin c up it to 1 gram
    for vitamin e try 400mg
    ALL Excellent liver protectants!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BryanM
    well for milk thistle try to get around 1 gram a day with 80% standardization
    for Nac 600mg ed
    for ALA a good 200mg is all that is needed for protection
    for vitamin c up it to 1 gram
    for vitamin e try 400mg
    ALL Excellent liver protectants!!!
    While On or all the time?

  6. Hi im starting my cycle of 1st ever cycle of mohn tomorrow....(6-oxo pct)

    i have nac,ala,saw pal.and milk thistle for liver support.also vit c&e

    my milk thistle does not have a dosage on it...someone give me some knowledge on how many mgs is needed please

  7. id say about 750-1000 Mgs. ED.

  8. wow ,thats alot ,,,these tablets are only 175 mgs each ,lol

  9. yeah but since its just M4OHN youd be ok Taking 500.

  10. I've got a question: Are non-methyl compounds LESS harsh on the liver vs. methylated compounds?

    For example, is 1-test (Transdermal and pinned)...Are they easier on the liver vs. M1,4ADD, M1T, or M-dien?

  11. yes generally Non-Methyls are Safer on the Liver, but you should always be weary about It no matter what.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by wildman536
    While On or all the time?

    Basically these doseages are the amount that work it is always suggested to take them all the time but at least a week or two before to 2-4 weeks after the cycle is needed for liver health.

  13. there is some question as to whether taking certain liver supplements during a cycle of methyls may decrease the efficacy of the methyls. that is something ot think aobut. the choice is ultimately up to the individual, of course

  14. Its only word of mouth never any actual proof!!!

    I cannot see how this would be true in any scientifical manner at all.

    The liver is the ONLY organ that can regenerate itself in the human body. These supps just help it along to create new liver cells.

    These supps do NOT create harsher or more enzymes to break the chemicals down to any more extent.
    But even if they did I would personally take a healther liver and no problems down the road for a few extra pounds right now and a ****ed up liver!!!

  15. that's why i said there is some question, and did not say that (to my knowledge) there are any studies, definitive or not, or other PROOF.

    as to what you would or wouldn't do, that's up to you. it is pretty well established the hepatatoxicity risks of methyls is somewhat overstated (much like roid rage is) and especially for short cycles, some people may feel it's better to hold off on the liver supps until after the methyl portion of the cycle is done

    personal choice. the data is NOT in.

  16. I know alot of you experienced guys have input

  17. Yes basically it all comes down to personal choice as jjjd stated.

    But to my knowledge those are the main liver protectants they have out milk thistle being the number 1 choice try to get as many anti oxidants as possible as well.

  18. we're looking for INFO... not just what is out.. what works, how much and how often, experience. If we answered "it depends on the person" to everything that applies to then we would have no threads to read. I hate to put specific questions on what to answer, basicaly "liver support" how what do you feel is the best way to go about it.
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  19. Ive already answered all your questions regarding this I gave you the top liver protectants they have out and also there doseages.

    Some say hat it interferes with the methyl absorbtion so it is a personal choice wether to take it during or after a cycle.

    They do have a bunch of other various herbs out for liver health but these do very little unless in a blend with many others artichoke,sassafras,and such others

    Always go with milk thistle number 1 liver supp
    number 2 would be NAC
    number 3 would be ALA

  20. i agree with this.

    here imo is a good liver stack

    milk thistle
    A, C, E supplement
    mineral supp
    LOTS of water (water is an important supp. exceptionally important when detoxifying. )


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