r-ALA with M1T - proper timing of...

  1. r-ALA with M1T - proper timing of...

    OK, sorry to add to the outlandish number of M1T threads, but
    actually my question has to do with exactly when I should be
    taking r-ALA (at 600mg/day) while on a cycle?

    Split into two doses - AM and PM? Does it matter if I take it with
    the M1T (at 5mg twice daily)?

    I've been searching all morning, but can't seem to dig up what I'm
    looking for.


  2. Take it with food or shakes to help rush nutrients to ur muscles.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I know what r-ALA does, but what I'm really trying to find out is whether or not it should be taken separately from M1T.

  4. Take m1t at night to help with lethargy, and take r-ala during the day.

  5. R-ALA throughout the day, 10 min before meals (preferably with carbs). Also postworkout as an antioxidant, when you should be eating a bunch of carbs anyway.



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