Need help with split on h-drol

  1. Need help with split on h-drol

    Hello guys,

    Started my h-drol cycle and thinking about my split. My goal is to work on my chest and arms, as they look like **** when comparing them to my legs. I used to focus on quads and calves, now it's completely out of proportion. To give you an idea: I squat 180kg (400lbs) for 8-9 but can barely bench 90kg (200lbs) for 5. I plan to train everything but my legs these next six weeks and see if I can get things into beast mode. Can anyone come up with a decent split? I'm thinking:

    Day 1: chest/shoulders/tri
    Day 2: back/bi
    Day 3: rest
    Day 4: chest/shoulders/tri
    Day 5: back/bi
    Day 6: rest
    Day 7: chest/shoulders/tri

    I'm very scared of over training - I realize that on h-drol I will recover much faster, but is this overtraining? Can anyone chime in?


  2. That is an awful split. No lower body?? Squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead presses. These are the exercises you want to focus on for growth. Only Bench and curls several days a week is just ridiculous. Edit: I noticed you have pull downs and triceps press downs also ... Still not gonna get the result your hoping for. Srsly, there are plenty of good routine on this site. Check into the other sections and find a something well designed. If you don't include any "hard" exercises don't expect too much.

  3. Over head presses and benching will fix you up. Be sure to pull around 3x the volume you push though as you dont want to create an imbalance in the shoulder.
    You should worry about joint over training on that plan though.... You wanna just get stronger? Still gotta rest though. Look up west side barbell for skinny bastards. Just do that. No reason to not squat IMO. Unless your injured
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