I was looking for some oppinions on running a trenavar (@60mg daily) and anavar (@50mg daily), with no test base. I thinking about using dermacrine while on cycle and formastanzol while off cycle during my PCT.

Heres my stats:

Age: 31

WT: 220

HT: 6 exactly

Goals: I want to lean up, possibly doing a recomp

been lifting forever, and my diet is in check.

Cycle history: Multiple PH and injectable cycles.

I've actually ran an anavar only cycle, and had some good results, plus the shutdown wasn't all that severe. I have all of my ancilliaries and access to SERMS, and my PCT is all set up.

Any thoughts on running a cycle like this? How long could I safely run a cycle like this? i was thinking 6-8 weeks.

I'd appreciate any and all input.