NEED help with cutting cycle/diet/cardio/training

  1. NEED help with cutting cycle/diet/cardio/training

    Hey guys, I'm 24 with a few cycles under my belt and been training since I was 16. 5'11'', 215 pounds with about 15-16% bf (never gotten checked but I'm showing outline of top 2 abs flexed). My cutting NEVER seems to work, I'm a naturally chubby person but I need help to shred me down. So I've been slowly leaning out over the course of my semester here in college from about 230 lbs. I want my results to be must more drastic for the amount of time that has gone buy, I've been running sust 250/week and ran an epistane 20mg/day cycle. Now here is my plan for a 10 week extreme lean out over this summer, PLEASE CRITIQUE. I can not afford an couch (eventually want to do a NPC competition) or much more supplements outside of what I have collected for this but open to suggestions. I WANT TO CUT A LOT OF FAT AND MAINTAIN IF NOT ADD SOME MORE MUSCLE

    Week 1-10 Test cyp 500mg/week (Monday 250mg/Thursday 250mg)
    Week 1-14 clen 20mcg building up to 40mcg, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (I get intense sides from clen if I can go higher than 40mcg I will)
    Week 3-12 oxy elite pro, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (the weeks not on clen)
    Everyday staples - multi, fish oil, cla, glucosamine with MSM, creatine and BCAA's (I'll explain when used during diet)

    Typical day workout day:
    Wake up - clen or oxy elite 30 minute incline treadmill with 5g BCAA's
    Meal 1 - 1 cup oats with cinnamon, 1 cup egg whites hot sauce
    Meal 2 - 1 cup brown rice, 8 oz. chicken breast, handful of veggies (steamers asparagus or string beans)
    Meal 3 - zero impact bar
    Workout - 1 hour weights, 30 minute stair master or bike with 5g BCAA's
    Meal 4 - 2 scoop whey, 1 scoop waxy maize, 10g creatine
    Meal 5 - 1 yam, 8 oz. chicken breast, handful of veggies
    Meal 6 - 8 oz. chicken or 93/7 beef in a salad with zero calorie dressing
    Meal 7 - 2 scoop casein or 1 scoop casein mixed with plain greek yogurt

    Macros come out around 325 protein, 250 carb, 40 fat = 2,660 calorie
    So basically I do no sugar, no fat besides from bar and meat sources and meals spread throughout the day

    Problem is, I've been doing a moderation with this now at school and not leaning out NEARLY as fast as I want, I cheat here and there because I'm very hungry throughout the day but these macros seem like where I should be. Should I listen to my body? Won't I just maintain doing that? I have a significant amount of fat to cut but find myself barely being able to function on even this low (250grams) of carbs.

    I know its long but wanted to give all the information I could, please help guys want to look the best I can this summer and hopefully it's good practice for maybe an NPC show in a year from now

  2. Just to add, I'm drinking coffee, diet soda's, flavored BCAA's and chewing gum to help me control hunger, I believe the real problem is my diet but I seem to be doing what everyone suggests. Any help is appreciated please

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