Cialis Preworkout for Massive Pumps

  1. Cialis Preworkout for Massive Pumps

    I was talking to a guy at my gym the other day and he says he takes cialis an hour or two before working out. He says it gives him better pumps than any of the current pump supps like hemavol, etc.

    I searched around online for some feedback on cialis preworkout and it seems like a lot of people out there take it for a pre-workout. I am just curious if any of the members here do this. If you do how do you feel it compares to something like a high dosed agmatine/citruline malate combo?

  2. Theres a reason it's banned in athletics as a performance enhancer... But it's expensive and certainly more dangerous but it does work

  3. A little expensive just for a preworkout

  4. I've heard it plugs your nose like a cold and you feel hangover like symptoms the next day.
    As far as the price it's cheap as a RC.
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place
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    I dont want titties.... will that product work for a SERM?

  5. Anadrol is cheaper

  6. The original cialis is expensive and you have to take at least 1 hour before sex or workout.
    I have no sides with original cialis.
    Sometimes hangover but u can avoid it if you drink a lot of water.

  7. yeah have fun checking out a hott chick when your wearing thin net gym shorts! haha


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