My estrogen is out of range, I need your opinion on why

  1. My estrogen is out of range, I need your opinion on why

    I started developing gyno a few months ago and went to Dr. He ordered blood tests. (never done any steroids)

    Blood test in January showed my T dropped from 900 to 500, and my estradiol around 60 (high)
    Blood test in February showed my T dropped to 130, and estradiol was in normal range, low FSH, low LH
    Blood test in March showed results similar to January

    Something is screwing with my hormones, and it's not supplements or medication. Does anyone have any good links on what causes high E? I'm 33.

    Thanks brahs.

  2. Hormone related issues can be due to a lot of different things. I would suggest re-posting in the "male anti-aging medicine" forum for more feedback. If you have more extensive lab results including them in your post along with any symptoms you may be experiencing would possibly give a better idea as to what is going on.
    PEScience Representative

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