I'm a 5'11", 175lb 20 year old with about 6% body fat. Although I've done a lot of research, i'm not sure what the best pct for a 10 week cycle of test-e at 500mg per week would be. I've read about nolvadex, clomid, arimidex and hcg but everyone seems to have different opinions. I would really appreciate if i could get input about which are the best and why you like them better. I have absolutely no experience with this stuff so it would be great to hear from experienced users.

After doing a bit more research i've come up with this basic plan:

Weeks 1-10 Test-e 250mg every monday and tuesday

Weeks 1-10 Aromasin 10mg everyday

Weeks 1-10 HCG 500iu every sunday and wednesday

Day 1-16 after week 10 HCG 1,000 every third day

Weeks 13-16 Clomid 100/75/50/50
Weeks 13-16 Aromasin 20mg/20mg/20mg/10mg

Thanks a lot