Look. Another PCT thread.

  1. I'm about to be coming off my cycle... It's been about 11 weeks. Started with Primordials products (Bulk/Mass/Drive), then turned into Trenavar/SD for three weeks, then trenavar solo until now. Been a joyous ride.

    I have personally never used Clomid, so I'm wondering people dose it all at once. It's going to be structured like this:
    Week 1: 100/100/100/100/75/75/75
    Week 2/3: 50
    Week 4: 25

    So basically, am I going to dose the first week all at once before bed? Or is Clomid different than Nolva in regards to that?

    Also, I'm probably running Caber through @ .25mg E3D... And Albuterol @ 4mg every 4 hours (3x a day) for the first two weeks. Don't worry. My macros are still going to be high. The Albuterol is purely for its anti catabolic properties.

    Anyway. Clomid. When?

    Ninja edit: I'd like to mention that the biggest side effect I had on this 11 week ORAL cycle was MILD lethargy. No prolactin issues, no estrogen issues, no aggression issues... Joints were a bit dry after the primordial stack, but that's about it.

    And before anyone asks, the rest of the PCT stack is the TRS v2 from PP.
    No SERM, No Cycle, No Problem.

  2. Clomid doesnt have to be split up. One dose a day all together. Kus chase it or mix it in another drink. That ish will numb yur mouth..what were yur gains like with the andro series? Yu stacked all three

  3. I gained about 8lbs of muscle. It's kind of hard to be exact, because I also lost a decent amount of fat and don't have pre-cycle BF % numbers. At this moment, I'm 13lbs heavier than when I started and still much leaner.
    No SERM, No Cycle, No Problem.

  4. is this a double post
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    is this a double post
    Aware me.
    No SERM, No Cycle, No Problem.



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