M4OHN... anyone has tried it?

  1. M4OHN... anyone has tried it?

    Anyone has run a cycle of m4ohn?
    I know it would be nice for leaning out and increasing vascularity/hardness...
    It's an oral (17-aa) nandrolone derivative, known to be relatively safe in terms of sides effects (low liver toxicity despite it is a 17-aa and low hpta suppression despite it is a nandrolone derivative)... some feedbacks would be appreciated...
    Sorry for my bad english in my posts !!

  2. There's tons of old threads on here bro, I found a lot of useful logs on it. I haven't used it, but I'm seeing the effective dosing range is 40-60mg with 60mg being a very good spot.

  3. i've already read the old threads about it... I'm asking something new, since m4ohn has been released again on the market recently (for example oxavar by designer ergogens or m4ohn by dragon nutrition)
    Sorry for my bad english in my posts !!

  4. IMO, this was not a worthwhile drug, just too weak (or "mild" if you are a m4ohn apologist).

    From a cost/results/sides perspective, I'd rather run 2mg of superdrol than 60mg of m4ohn. It is really that weak.

  5. so what the hell are you asking? whether the uk products are legit or not? well, they have nothing but positive reviews in the uk.

    if you want to read reviews, logs on uk products, guess what? you need to do so on uk forums and use google uk.

    17a methyl 4-hydroxy nor testosterone is a very good compound. I have seen nothing but positive things said about it, with none of those being negative.

    2mg of superdrol, how re-donkulous.
    Olympus Labs Rep in the UK ;)

  6. id say oxavar is legit .. my buddy is running it and i see the gainz

    someday the rat will run it too
    S.n.S team member

  7. need info on oxavar, would love some more


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