PH stack cycle. H-drol and AH

  1. PH stack cycle. H-drol and AH

    First ofF stats

    41 hrs old. Did 1-ad/4-ad cycle about 8 years ago. Worked very well, but changed directions and got back into MMA so I trimmed way down a year or so after. Looking to do another PH run before I possibly switch over to the dark side.
    5'8" 190lbs. Estimate about 13-15% BF. I'll get a caliper test done before to long. I don't plan on doing this cycle for at least another 5 months but I want to get it critiqued and start the ordering process. It will take me a few months to get all the funds together and get the orders in.

    Weeks 1-8
    Androhard and n2guard
    Weeks 3-8
    H-drol 100/100/100/100/150/150

    Unleashed/post cycle

    Programming is 5/3/1 on the 3 days a week rotation with BJJ/Submission Grappling 3 days a week.
    Eating matienance right now which is about 2600 for me with a macro breakdown of about 45/35/20. 200+ protien every day. I'll bump up to around 3000 a day mostly in extra protein. Goal is some added mass, but mostly looking for added strength. Hoping to fully fit into the next weight class and be strong enough for it.

  2. Good combo, we have had many good reviews form that stack


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