Power of T-BOMB II????

  1. Power of T-BOMB II????

    Any one have any experience with t bomb II? I know its not going to do alot, but does it actually work, and do what it claims?

  2. What's in it?

  3. id say its crap myself

  4. Whats in it?

  5. it's a natural test booster, it's a solid product. I'm a fan of trib products and the such and have had some decent results with them, It's good for PCT and good to stack with creatine, i'll be trying it shortly

  6. STOP SHOPPING AT GNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yeah, i wouldn't waste the cash

  8. I was just given a full bottle to sample for free today. I will post my results (if any) every week to see if this product is just fake and does nothing or if it is real.


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