Gyno-- paranoid or serious?

  1. Gyno-- paranoid or serious?

    1. My nipples are sensitive, they have been hard latey and get sensitive when i touch them or my shirt does.
    2. I feel a bump behind my nipples, both of them, but i dont know if it my rib bone or gyno. I have to press hard to feel it but there is a big lump.

    any help would be greatly appreciated! i am only on day 9 of m drol at 20mg a day. should i stop or am i just being dumb?

  2. they are roughly the same size lumps? you have glands behind you nipples to begin with.

    what serms do you have on hand?

  3. ya they are both basically the exact same an inch deep into my pec and can best be described as like a thick candy cane... like 2 inches lng and thick it feels like.... ugh idk but i have erase, clomid, and test 7...

  4. Sounds like gyno, if its long and thick. your natural glands arnt long and thick...

    Would you be able to get a hold of Nolvadex?

  5. ya i could if i had to.... ugh they arent swollen at all, they dont hurt, the lump thing is hard as a bone and deep into my peck.... i just would hate to stop the cyce after day 9.... but id rather be safe than sorry... looking at my chest you would never suspect gyno

  6. Don't stop cycle yet. Wait to see what others say.

  7. ok thanks tho bruh.....


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