First ph cycle trenazone

  1. First ph cycle trenazone

    First post, first ph cycle. I really want to use trenazone because it is not liver toxic. If there is a better transdermal suggestion I would like to know, as I have heard tren is harsh as a first cycle. I want to post with torem. Nothing too crazy standard doses. I am 5'9 207 14% bf. steadily been lifting for about 6 years. I would just like to hear any feedback.

  2. Trenazone is a great product. I ran 2 bottles in a stack, and it worked just as i hoped. A bit pricey unless you get it on sale. Trenazone is not harsh, not like say x-tren... but that's 2 different things. Torem post will be fine.

  3. HOw long should I run? Also how should I post with torem

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