Stack for a distance runner!????

  1. Stack for a distance runner!????

    Ok...i was wondering what would be the BEST stack of prohormones to use for a long distance runner.
    I run cc, and also run track. The mile is my best race. Which i hope to run a sub 4:10 in this year.
    I understand 1,4 andro will help, and so will 4ad, but i was wondering what else, and what kind of amounts i should use...
    This would help greatly. Im taking Mohn right now, and not really seeing any results from it, Im taking 8mg. Im taking it to help me recover faster so i can bust my ass just that much sooner again...Along with that im taking Body Octane, and glutimine... Iv run low doses of 4 ad in the past and was able to tell a great difference, but was wanting to know what you guys thought...Thanks.

  2. I think the 1,4 would be best. 4ad would ad some water weight which you dont want. 1,4 would be lean. depending on your weight, 600mg oral would be good. if you want test try 300mg 4oht trans. I wish they had this stuff back when I ran.

  3. I would think you need to wait a little bit long since you are only 20 years old

  4. yeah I have to agree with matthew d.

  5. You guys are prob. right...And it was prob. a dumb idea to start Mohn now too... I would like to know some ideas tho. cuz ill be i bit older by the time track season starts up...

  6. ill stop the mohn, and wait...And by the time track season is here ill be 21 and should be able to run a sub 4:30-4:25...But by then ill be wanting to push it, and i want to have the "goods" before the ban sets in.


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