M drol CYCLE ...... Please Advise

  1. M drol CYCLE ...... Please Advise

    first time cycle with M drol.
    going to run a 10/10/10/20 cycle with liver52 and milk thistle.
    For PCT i have TEST 7 and Clomid.
    6 foot 1 185 lbs. 25 years old..
    any advice or expertise would be great as i dont want gyno!!..... thanks ill post before and after pics

  2. anybody plz?

  3. **** at your height your a lil small...I would go 10/20/20/30... Pct use your clomid and get some daa and erase. I will help you with everything after that. You got right idea but let me know when u get those
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  4. I recommend UDCA, since you are already using a controlled substance (Clomid), it shouldn't bother you to get the added insurance of UDCA for liver and cholesterol.

    Also, if the potency of the M-drol is good you shouldn't have any problem finding massive gains on just 20mg/week. 30 is fine, but no need to go there is 20 is working.

    Lastly, you shouldn't see gyno from this. It doesn't aromatize into estrogen. Just make sure you have a strong AI like Arimidex, Aromasin or Letro. I personally prefer Aromasin over the other two. If you use an AI during PCT (which you should), there is no need to taper. If you use Letro or Erase you have to taper since they do not permanently bind to the aromatase enzyme.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion View Post
    If you use an AI during PCT (which you should), there is no need to taper.
    You should also use aromasin instead of adex. Adex can interfere with nolva for sure and possibly clomid. I think aromasin works better anyway.



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