How much water should you drink on superdrol?

  1. How much water should you drink on superdrol?

    Just wondering what the average amount of water i should be drinking on a superdrol clone is? Im currently drinking 1 gallon a day but is that enough? or should i be drinking more? Also, about how much milk thistle should i be taking for liver protection? thanks.

  2. Hey I usually drink at least one gallon of plain water a day while on beastdrol. Then there is 1/2 gallon of milk, plus your water for pre/NO drinks, and if you drink a intra-training drink also.
    As much as you can is best. Somedays it's hard to get it down, but if you just chug for 5-6 seconds at a time, you can get through it pretty quick instead of sips.
    I did a cycle of beast with a friend, and he didn't do the water thing. Kept with coffee, milk, diet soda's. He was working out good, and his diet was "ok" other than the lack of water. He didn't gain hardly anything. IMO I blame the lack of water.


  3. Alright yeah, I've been getting at least a gallon everyday just wanted to be sure. thanks....know anything about the milk thistle or how much i should be taking?

  4. I drink 2 gals a day bro. As far as milk thistle... Go with liv52 or nac. Milk thistle inhibits gains for sd. Atleast for most. Save that for after or before.
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  5. Also becareful with your pwo which dude forgot to mention. Monitor your blood pressure and keep in check with hawthorne berry and celery seed extracts
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  6. Alright, well I'm taking organ shield and CEL's cycle assist which has the milk thistle in it, should that be good enough and not the extta and just wait until after to take the extra milk thistle? (i have a bottle of just milk thistle)

  7. I don't take a pre workout because of blood pressure reasons, and i take hawthorn berry just to be safe also, thanks

  8. Maybe different with you so just see how it goes but that should be good enough liver support. I run liv52. Best stuff ever. Now make sure when you run it. Don't take it with the sd. Take it 4 hours after your dosing.
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  9. Alright thanks a lot

  10. For sure
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  11. I'm a water junky, I average 2- 2 1/2 gallons a day at a minimum. I always have a bottle or a glass of water by my side. I also retain alot and get very bloated ecspecially from the creatine and lately the test. The more supps you take the more you should be drinking IMO.

  12. Agreed
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