-Needle scraped finger... Then drew from vial...-

  1. -Needle scraped finger... Then drew from vial...-

    Okay I've already had two people tell me I'm worrying too much but never can be too sure. So far my new TRT regimen from my doctor is going great. Today was the first injection I performed myself and I'm afraid I screwed up my supply of test. The caps on these needles are damn TIGHT so while I was pulling the cap off it finally gave and just the tip slipped across my pinky giving me a small papercut like slash. I put the needle down on my sterile workspace and checked the cut but there was no blood at all, didn't cut skin and is about 10mm long. After checking, and yes I wiped the vial down with alcohol, I proceeded to stick the needle into the vial and draw my test dose without even thinking until later that it had contacted my pinky! I did swap needles before any injection just as part of procedure.

    Mind you this all took place after a hot shower I took to warm up my glutes.

    Should I worry? Already took the shot by the way, just worried I contaminated the vial of test? Oherwise whole process was very clean and by the books down to circular wiping of injection spot with alcohol spiraling outward.


  2. No one can say for sure but if you washed your hands with anti microbial soap before you started Id say youre most likely okay, either way youre MOST likely ok but if your worried just go to your doc tell em what happend and get a new vial of test, its pretty cheap with a prescription right?

  3. Called my doctor, he doesn't feel there's any risk and said not to worry. Now, is there any easy way to get these damn caps off without sticking yourself???

  4. the caps with the rubber centers?
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  5. Will double check when home but just looked like a standard luer-lock needle. The caps are just so tight I have to keep pulling until it finally comes flying off... And a needle out the other end. I've heard one handed grab the syringe barrel and use thumb and pointer to press cap forward until it unclicks...?

  6. It should be fine. If your testosterone starts to get murky and loses its clarity, then they're might be some growth inside, but this is unlikely.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigThreeForMe View Post
    Called my doctor, he doesn't feel there's any risk and said not to worry. Now, is there any easy way to get these damn caps off without sticking yourself???
    The syringe caps? Use both hands. If you are not very dexterous, use a table to rest your hands on during the process.
    If you're really having problems, the syringe cap should have a little lip on the end. Use the corner of a table to pull the cap off. If they're still really tight, run some hot water over the cap for a second to loosen things up.


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