How anabolic is arimadex??

  1. How anabolic is arimadex??

    One of my friends told be that in a study they compared 2 groups, one on
    250mg test prop per week and the other on arimadex.(don't know how much)
    For 8 weeks each.

    Apparently the arimadex, stimulated the natural test of group 2 to higher than
    250mg per week.

    Thus they had more gains than the test prop group!!

    Is this true?? If so, what dose would be needed.

    I'm thinking of running a 8 week arimadex cycle before a natulal bb show, would that be allowed.

    Or would I be 'cheating', since it's a gray marcet drug and all.

    Thanx alot in advance.

  2. I'm not a newbie, but this really cought my attention. Since I never plan on doing any 'illegal' drugs.

  3. there was a thread about nolva used this same way not more than a week ago.. it would be the same result except about 2x more expensive..

  4. Arimidex can cause an increase in LH. However, arimidex decreases igf-1 levels which in turn affects muscle hypertrophy. Consequently, for the small boost in test levels, I do not think it is worth it.

  5. yea not worth it IMO....use 6oxo that will work fine

  6. Interesting, so nolva would do about the same thing.

    Plus it gets me dry for the show.
    How much would I need ed? 20mg do the trick. For 6 weeks or so I guess.

  7. formastaine should dry you out more and increases test @ IGF-1, plus it is legal.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  8. or letro or exemestane


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