Need help with my H-Drol Stack. Stack with Epistane, Winabol, or both?

  1. Need help with my H-Drol Stack. Stack with Epistane, Winabol, or both?

    Long time lurker but this is my first post here.

    So brief history, I've used both H-Drol and S-Drol before, been lifting for many years, am 37 years old. Have a PCT set up. Diet and cardio is in check. Have all in cycle supports set up. Been preloading the cycle assist, milk thistle, hawthorne berry, celery seed, saw plamento, and COQ10 for two weeks now on top of my regular supplements.

    This will be my first time stacking H-drol with something else so not 100% sure the most effective stack. Looking to run 6 weeks. On a cut. Right now around 13-14%BF and am trying to get down to 10. I've been below 10 before but the problem is when I drop that low I loose all my size and drop from like 185 to 165. I'm 190 now and trying to stay above 175-180 for this cut and retain my mass.

    My H-drol doseage will be 50/50/50/75/75/100

    But after that I'm not sure what direction to go. I've seen H-drol with Epi, and H-drol with Winabol, but never both. I also have Erase that origianlly was one part of my PCT along with my Novla, DAA, trib, DHEA and an OTC all in one PCT.

    So what is your advice for the best hard cut.

    I'm pretty sure that running all would not only be a waist of money but not that great on the body. Epi seems like the logical and most economical and I've run that before with decent results starting at 20 and going up to 40. I've never used Winabol but looks like the sweet spot is around 250-300mg/day with that which makes for an expensive cycle.

    Also where to put the erase. Add is with this stack, save it for PCT, or run it both.

  2. Actually, for a hard cut my first choice addition would be forma stanzol, its quite an incredible compuond. I'm not sure I'd want to stack another methyl honestly, but I cherish my liver (along with my other internal organs), Katanadrol makes an interesting stack, but it isn't the cheapest thing in the world to run at the reccomended doses.

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