s1+ with lipo6 for cutting???

  1. s1+ with lipo6 for cutting???

    do you guys think this would be a good cutting cycle or should i just opt out the lipo 6 and really watch what i eat....i took a cycle of just 1-ad and was eating like an animal and made good gains but gained fat with it....i would like to make the gains but avoid the fat if possible with s1.. ne suggestions?

  2. Hey, Its O.K. to "eat like an animal" because in fact eating has much to do with your gains in muscle. No food, no muscle. I eat 6 meals per day myself. What IS NOT O.K. is to eat irresponsibly. You will get fat if you eat lots of carbs, sugars, breads and just anything you can get your hands on. What you need to do is evaluate your Diet, get that in check and implement a good solid workout routine then the supplements will do their job as expected. you could do something like this for your meals:

    meal 1 = Breakfast
    meal 2 = Protein Shake
    meal 3 = Lunch ( I usually have lean red meat or grilled chicken breast with steamed brocolli and a salad) but this is the meal to have carbs if you are counting your intake since it is the early meal and your body has a chance to burn it off during the day.
    meal 4 = Protein Shake or a meal replacement protein drink
    meal 5 = Dinner (parallel lunch, I love to eat so if you love to eat then eat good! eat a steak as often as you can)
    meal 6 = Protein Shake or meal replacement shake

    I am by no means an expert, and I am SURE that others may have better advise for you and may not agree with my approach to eating......but I have seen your post here for a while now with no responses and I am offering a little experience that works for me.

    I edited this to put a BTW line here: So BTW fat is burned through muscle so part of the process in getting rid of fat and maintaing a cut/ripped appearence is to build muscle and to build muscle you must eat right.
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  3. thx for the reply bro

  4. super1+ will add a little bloat from the 4ad, so you might be more discouranged while "on". I'd go with less 4ad....but if psychologically you won't be discouraged from the bloat, looks good to me

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