Hey Im going to be running an x-tren stack and have everything set up cycle support serm pct everything!

    I was going to stack with h drol but my first ph i took was h drol so i kinda wanna stack my x tren with something else..

    Any suggestions on what would be a good ph to stack it with and why??

  2. depends on what your goals are. h-drol and x-tren would make for a very lean cycle, and really good strength increases. epi and xtren would also make for very very dry gains and make you rock hard. for stupid strength / mass gains there is always superdrol and xtren, which would shut you way down, and i imagine the gains would be pretty difficult to retain. i would go with h-drol and x-tren though.

  3. Superdrol + xtren
    Androhard + xtren
    Epistane + xtren
    Dplex + xtren
    Ultradrol + xtren

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  4. My opinion when stacking is you probably would want to know what the compound does by itself. So by running something you haven't tried with tren you may not know where the sides are coming from especially if you haven't ran the tren by itself... If you know how you react with both then you may want to try tren with something new.

  5. Dzine/ xtren.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Superdrol + xtren
    Androhard + xtren
    Epistane + xtren
    Dplex + xtren
    Ultradrol + xtren
    So I take it you like Anything with Xtren.

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  7. based on everything said i think im gonna just stack with h drol


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