hi all. new to this site and posting really.
im starting my first cycle of rpn havoc.

im just wondering if anyone could add any additional info or help that may be needed for most gains and strenghth.
my diet is great and going to up calories for the cycle.

ive just preloaded competitive edge labs cycle assist and liv52 for 2 weeks.

my cycle is going to consist of
epi- 20/30/30/30/40/40
cycle assist
krill oil
taurine (on hand for the 3-4th week in case of back pumps etc)
good diet and good training at 5 times a week.

post cycle will consist of-
nolva 20/20/20/20
post cycle assist
horny goat weed
krill oil
also going to carry on liv52 as ill have loads left over and i will hope it will aid in the healing of my liver.

does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this

i have done alot of research and hope i have covered everything,
its my first cycle and wanted to try an oral ph, so i thought this would be good.

thanks any advice from more experienced ph users would be greatly appreciated. i will also keep a log if any would care to view it.
cycle will start monday 6/1/12