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Which Prohormone for UD2? (For 2 day spurts)

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    Which Prohormone for UD2? (For 2 day spurts)

    Hi everyone

    I need some assistance into which prohormones are cheap and convenient
    for the UD2. For those not familiar with UD2, it is a cyclical diet composed
    of a catabolic (trying to lose fat asap while retaining muscle) and an
    anabolic phase in short sports.

    The anabolic phase is 2-3 days long composed of higher carb intakes above
    maintenance calories. In the UD2 e-book, Lyle has a preference towards
    doing quick oral anabolics on a single day, basically to help glycogen loading
    supercompensation along with repartioning.

    I have some M4OHT lying around that I haven't due to foolish and lazy
    reasons. Feedback towards M4OHT at Avant Labs wasn't good and I was
    out of the game, thus, didn't really give M4OHT a deserving chance.

    Now Im thinking of doing this for my diet.

    On the high carb up day (day 1 of anabolic phase), Im thinking of doing some
    M1T at 15mg and some M4OHT. On day 2 I was thinking of dropping the M1T
    and continue doing the M4OHT.

    I think I will get the benefits of repartioning and increased glycogen loading
    with M1T on day 1 and day 2 I will get continued repartining with M4OHT
    without, MAYBE....screwing with my hormone levels.

    Due to note that I have had experience by following a similar schedule of
    doing DNP with 1-ad in the past (thanks to Mr.Question, a poster at Avant

    So anyone inquiring minds willing to help? Thanks

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    I suspect that doing M4OHT would be quite good for repartitioning, at least that is the feedback from one of the people at Avant. As for the M1T, I suspect that you would get all the drawbacks of running a cycle, and comparatively few of the benefits: M1T shuts you down practically automatically. I'm not sure that you will recover right away, or whether you should just hope that you can. If you could recover 'just like that' then M1T would be a great choice.
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    Why not 1AD?

    And would PCT be needed at any point for a 2 day spurt if done on a weekly basis?

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    10 year bump. Interested in this:

    1-Andro pulsed for UD2. Anyone have experience?

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