minmum 4-ad

  1. minmum 4-ad

    this may be a question that proves relatively impossible to answer but i'll give it a shot anyway what's the minimum amount of 4-ad you think i would need to run to counteract the sides (loss of libido and lethargy) from 700mg ED of 1-ad?

    i'm 5'9 188lbs ~10.5-11.5% bf i did a cycle of 1-ad in the past but only 300 mg a day i noticed a SLIGHTY loss of libido (could still get in up for my girlfriend but was never specifically in the mood) and the lethargy was not too bad

    any input would be great

  2. Smile

    At 5'11 184lbs 31 years old, a very low dose was enough to not only keep my libido
    but actually make it better then normal.

    Week 1: 160 mgED 4ad/1 test
    Week 2-3: 200mgED 4ad/1 test
    Week 4-5: 240mgED 4ad/1 test

    Currently on week 5 and 202 lbs and libido is insanely high.
    Lethargy is on and off sometimes im normal,sometimes I feel it a little,
    but not enough to make a difference in workouts.

    This is my first cycle.

  3. hmm well i think i'll try 200mg 4-ad ed trans and see if that staves off all those nasty sides

    sound ok to anyone/everyone else?

    by the way great gains grappler good luck keeping them

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