Methyl-Dien -ok- for first cycle?

  1. Methyl-Dien -ok- for first cycle?

    Howdy folks ...

    I've been lurking on this forum for awhile, and have come across a few mixed reviews of the much hyped Methyldienolone. The dispute seems to be cleared up however in higher doses depending on body weight. Anyway, I've never done a pro-hormone cycle and was curious if this would be an appropriate choice, and I'm also curious how this chem would effect an absolute newbie. I am currently 22 years old, have been training for 2 years and am coming from 265lbs @ 34% body fat to 190lbs @ 11-12% body fat. I currently weight train 4x a week, M W F Sa. And do cardio T Th Sa for 30 mins. I have read MDien is a good cutting cycle, but a few have added 3-4lbs lean mass. Should I treat this as a lean bulk and increase my intake? Since its my first time ever I think it'd be an interesting experiment to treat this like a lean bulk and see what kind of results I can get. Also, for dosing I was thinking of starting at 6mg a day for the first two weeks, bumping it up to 7mg a day for the following 2 weeks, then for week 5 and 6 gaguing my progress and possible upping to 8mg, followed by PCT w/ 6-OXO, Milk Thistle, a concentrated vegetable blend I take, and lots of food to keep any gains. Also, during I am going to use R-ALA to keep my body clean (although MDien isnt particularly hepatoxic), and possibly combine it with a CEE with the clout of CEX or something similar. Would this help to maximize my results (through more intense workouts)? Any input is appreciated, I trust the minds on this board more than some of the others, where coversations resemble gibbons throwing poo at eachother.


  2. My standard advice is to use a 1-Test/4-AD or 1-Test/4-AD/4-OHT transdermal for the first cycle. It works. Some people claim MDien works and others don't. IMO it is not a reliable substance to consider for a first cycle. BTW, although 6-OXO is OK for PCT, I believe you will find that virtually everyone here recommends using Nolva for PCT. Besides, it is good to have on hand in case you start experiencing symptoms of gyno.

  3. Like Cogar said, you can't go wrong with a 1-test/4 ad transdermal. You will get more gains from this than the m-dien. Also nolva is cheaper, and more effective than 6-oxo, to me that makes it a no brainer.

  4. I have just finnished a MD only cycle and have posted my cycle log

    I gained 8lbs which I am happy with.

    Sides were minimal (Almost not worth mentioning):
    mild acne, painful muscle pumps, join pain

    I did not bloat at all, but did not have any huge strength increases either.

    Hope maybe my cycle log will help you decide whether Mdien is for you or not.

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