m1t and cleansing

  1. Cool m1t and cleansing

    Is it safe to do a cycle of M1t and do a herbal internal cleanse at the same time? The cleansing is a mild cycle that lasts 30 days. It was recommended to me to do the cleanse, because of the past supplements I used. I haven't used any for about four monthes now. Or is it wiser to do the cleanse after my M1t cycle? By the way the cycle is a cutting cycle with M1t to keep my strength.

  2. good question,

    I was wondering the same thing, what r you taking Psyllium hulls and cascara sagrada?

    i did the same thing, you won't believe the things that come out of you. i am not even going to describe what i experienced.

    but the cascara sagrada is mainly what you would be worried about, but since it is a potent liver cleanser I think it would actually help in liver de-toxification, which is good on methyls. maybe your on chlorophyl also, chlorophyl molecular structure is one molecule away from human blood, where iron is the central atom in blood , magnesium is in chlorophyl.

    again magnesium is one of the most used elements in the body, even more so than calcium, which it regulates.

    i would say it is safe , correct me if i am wrong, anybody.

  3. Where are you guys buying this stuff at? I have never done a cleansing cycle but am interested in it.
  4. Thumbs up

    i dont know where he is getting his but i get mine at


    its in a kit or you can use three items, psyllium hulls, chlorophyl, and cascara sagrada.

    ive done both, the kit and seperate ingredients, you do need all three.




  5. http://www.yerba.com/storefront/item.asp?****77
    I bought this at the local supplement store for $20.

  6. you could do it but it would be best to do it after the cycle to get all of the new pollutants you just put in out of you body.

    Instead of it helping detox wait and let it detox everything youve built up as to be sure that you dont miss anything.

  7. Have any of you guys used a product called Oxy-Powder?

    Also, do you guys do a liver and gallbladder flush, or is that just a gimmic?


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