first cycle advice

  1. first cycle advice

    O.k, I am planning a cycle late this year/early next year. I'm still playing around and reading up( but have been for well over a year now).
    I would like some feedback as to what you guys think....
    I would like to kick off with Dbol, but I have elevated cholesterol and this is known to have an adverse effect. as a result I was looking to use prop at the beginning and end of my cycle which I would like to be for 10-12 weeks, also using either sust/test en @ 500 mg EW(2x250).
    layout looks like this

    weeks 1-2 100 mg test prop eod
    1-10 (or 1-8?) 500 mg sust/test en
    10-12 100 mg prop eod.

    toying with HCG, gonna see how much it costs!!

    thanks guys, any feedback is welcome, remember this cycle is definalty in it's infancy!!

  2. My preference would be enanthate instead of sust but if sust is more affordable use the sust. This difference is not really significant. The rest of your cycle is set up fine.

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