Hi guys,

I'm new to the world of Steroids. I've spent the last few months and countless hours researching to find the most appropriate first cycle. I'd love ANY feedback you could give me on this proposed cycle.

Things to consider:
1) that it's my first cycle, I'm only going to be using 1 compound.
2) I have puffy nipples that developed at puberty. I am to understand this makes me prone to gyno (hence the AI)
3) I want lots of kids one day, so I want my balls insured.:-)

Proposed Cycle
Weeks 1 -12
Test-E - 400mg/Week (2 x 200mg injections)
Weeks 1 - 13
Arimidex - 0.5mg E2D
HCG - 250iu E3D

Week 14

PCT - 2 weeks after last Test-E injection // 1 week after last HCG Injection
Weeks 15 - 20
Aromasin - 25mgED//25mgED//12.5mgED//12.5mgED
Clomid - 100mgED//100mgED//50mgED//50mgED/25mgED//25mgED

Any advice at all would be appreciated. Everything you need to know is below :-) Thanks for reading!!

My Stats
22 years old (23 in June, would wait until then to run cycle)
Weight: 84kg (185lbs) after cutting from 95kg (209lbs).
Height: 184cm (roughly 6'0"-6'1")
Body Fat: 10-12% (haven't been training for the last 2 weeks due to having appendix removed)
Body Type: Natural, ecto, hardgainer. Nice, broad shoulders. Ridiculously long arms though. Hard to make them look bulky.
Training History: 3-4 years of serious training. Been lifting since 16, but only got diet in line at 18-19.
Goals: Gain LBM, minimal body fat. I want to look really good. Big fan of the old-school bodybuilders like Arnold and Zane. Not so much concerned about being monsters like they were, but I want it to be obvious I train seriously.

My Diet
Meal 1 - WPI Shake

Meal 2 - 4 whole eggs, 2 whites, 100g oats, 2 slices of toast, 1/4 avocado

Meal 3 - 200g Brown rice, 150g tuna in olive oil, 100g brocoli

Meal 4 - 4 kangaroo sausages, 300g sweet potato, 30 almonds

Pre Workout - 20g WPI + 40g waxy maize

Post Workout - 50g WPI + 80g Waxy Maize

Dinner - 150g chicken breast, 150g baked potato, 30 almonds, 100g brocoli

Before Bed - 250g cottage cheese

TOTAL: 108g of fat // 380g of carbs // 307g of protein // 3990 cal

My Split
Sunday: Legs (quad/ham)
Monday: Arms
Tuesday: Shoulders/Calves
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Back
Friday: Chest
Saturday: REST
Obviously big compound movements. 8-12 rep range. Set range 3-5 per exercise. Few isos to finish off depending on the muscle group.
Every 6 weeks I do a low rep day to shock the muscles. Every 8 weeks I'm changing my routine so I don't adjust.

Thanks for reading guys!