Second cycle layout, need serious advice!

  1. Second cycle layout, need serious advice!

    Weeks 1-4: Turinabol, 50mgs ED
    Weeks 1-15: Test E, 300mgs
    Weeks 1-14: EQ, 500mgs
    Weeks 9-15: Anavar 50 mg ED
    weeks 1-15: 12.5mg aromasin 2x a week/ 500 Iu's HCG 2x a week
    Week 17: clomid 100mgs for first 3-5 days/ 12.5mg aromasin 2x a week
    Weeks 18-19: clomid 50mgs/ 12.5mg aromasin 2x a week
    Week 20: clomid 25mgs/ 12.5mg aromasin 2x a week

    Nizoral shampoo eod/ mino 2% 2x ed/ 1mg fina throughout cycle
    I'll also use a test booster and a DAA through the four weeks of my pct

    My first cycle was 600mg test per week. I saw some decent gains but i really messed up my pct and lost a lot size. I'm trying to avoid the same mistake so I thought id post here and see what you guys have to say. My main questions are:
    1) do you guys suggest I take less compounds since this is my second cycle?
    2) Would hair loss be a problem with this cycle? I'm very mpb prone
    3) Is my hcg dosages correct? Should i blast hcg with my pct?
    4) are the start times for my pct correct? I know eq and test e have long esters so I was advised to wait 2 weeks after my last injection to start pct

    My diet and training is in check, I'm looking to put on a lot of lean mass before summer and slim down a bit.
    I'll be eating roughly 3k calories and training 6 days a week. If you guys have any other questions jusk ask.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Bump, would this be a better second cycle to run?

    1-4 Tbol 50 mg
    1-12 Test E 600 mg
    6-12 var 50 mg

  3. damnit nobody wants to help me?!

  4. let me start by saying that i have never used injectables, but the 300mg of test/week seems a bit low compared to what most run. i most frequently see guys running 500mg/ week, usually split into a monday/thursday injection of 250mg each. i would say that the second option you posted seems a bit better. you seem to have everything in order and know your stuff. good luck man!

  5. I agree with ^

    500mgs of Test E is a good baseline. Anything much lower than that and you're probably not going to get a whole lot out of it. You don't want to overdo it either as using to much will most likely yield the same results as a lower dose. I wouldn't run aromasin until your 2nd week. Give your estrogen a little time to, but not enough to rebound and bloat you up like a balloon. You may also want to get on something like Lean Xtreme for cortisol control. It's like $34 off nutraplanet and is a really good cheap fat burner. Take your aromasin and pin the HCG the days prior to injections.

    Good luck man!

  6. I would deff bump the test up, Some like 500mg I like 750mg a week myself.
    Also it is always a good idea to have Anastrozole on hand in case of a flare up.


  7. Also higher the dosage of tbol to 75..


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