help with pct with hrol

  1. help with pct with hrol

    So i plan on doing an hdrol cycle in a few weeks I already have CEL hdrol with life support. Im just looking for a PCT.
    Do you guys think nolva is enough for pct on its own along with the life support
    Also if you guys can post a website on where to buy it

  2. Run some DAA and reduce xt

  3. anyone else

  4. Can't post SERM sources, against the rules and simply not smart.

    You can go the OTC route with hdrol depending on the length of time on cycle and the dosage used. For your average 5-6 week cycle you shouldn't have a problem running something like Triazole + Activate Xtreme or DAA + Reduce XT or DAA + Activate Xtreme.

  5. ^^^^I agree with them throw some DAA in there. I would also look into PES Erase its a AI & cortisol reducer.


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