Blood work question??

  1. Blood work question??

    Was wanting to get my blood work done and was wanting to know when would be the best time to get it done.. Im currently finishin my pct until end of month...(hcg,nolva) Should i wait until end of cycle or can i do it now??

    Was also looking at getting it done throught labcorp? Do you just go on website and pay for tests you want then show up to the clinic with your recipt??? Anyone have experience using them??

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  3. First of all using hcg in pct is counter productive second of all wait a month after pct to do it and yes labcorp is gpod
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. Yup wait a month after pct. I would use hcg for pct and believe it can be very beneficial. Just make sure your 30 days after the pct. if you were running long acting test in your cycle then do the math with the half life of the drug to insure its out of your system completely.

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