First AAS cycle - Test E and Oral Turinabol - help please!

  1. First AAS cycle - Test E and Oral Turinabol - help please!

    Hi guys,

    First time poster long time board stalker . .

    Im looking to do my first ever injectable AAS cycle, and would like some help please

    I am currently taking 1mg finasteride ED to combat MPB my main concern is minimalising or preventing any further hairloss while on cycle, my plan is as follows:

    400mg/week Test E 1 - 10
    Tbol 50mgs ED 1 - 5
    dutasteride ED 1 - 14 ( i will start this 1 week prior to starting the cycle )
    10 - 14 Nolva 40/30/20/10
    minoxidil and azaelic acid x2ED 1 - 14

    Do i need HCG on this cycle?

    How much shedding would i get off this cycle? would i be best doing turinabol and deca cycle? stopping finasteride?

    Previous cycles are:

    4 weeks of M1T (took this at 18 before i knew what it was or was doing . . .)
    4 weeks of cynostane (at 30mgs per day) recieved some shedding during PCT at 21
    x2 6 week cycles of Hdrol (at 90mgs per day) - no shedding (at least not obvioulsy)

    cynostane and hdrol cycles both followed by proper PCT and no sides were experiences

    I am 22, been training since 17, only started training for weight gain in the last 3 years, put on exactly 28lbs in the last 18 months, i now weight 14st1lb, used to train solely for long distance running and boxing

    now cardio is x2 boxing sessions per week, and weights 4 times per week

    any critique, advice, insight would be good, flaming or irrelevant comments, don't bother

    if possible please provide scientific backing to advice rather than my mate said etc. . . although i know this is very hard

    Thanks in advance guys!


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