What to take after H-Drol?

  1. What to take after H-Drol?


    Earlier this year I did a H-Drol cycle. I'm looking for something to take that's a step up from that. My goal right now is bulking. Also I'm looking for something that's limited in terms of toxicity and hair loss is bad (I'm prone to that :-( ). I'm ok with injecting and looking at steroids if it's a better option. Thanks.

  2. I'm like you besides I can't order needles to my home. So I can't enjoy but I'm prone I hair loss and have ran hdrol. I just got all of my stuff for my next Beastdrol/Estane cycle. It's a clean bulk, and running low beast shouldnt be to toxic

  3. Also look into propecia for hair loss... I jumped on that when I started my first cycle

  4. What kind of gains you get with that? How much weight did you put on and how much more weight are you able to push by the end of it? What's your cycle look like?

  5. Or if anyone else has done this or suggest something else.



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