WTF is All this About Tapering DOWN Clen Cycles?

  1. WTF is All this About Tapering DOWN Clen Cycles?

    WHY??? If the whole reason to ramp up a clen cycle, starting at 40mcg or so, and ending 2-3 weeks at 200mcg or so, is specifically because you develop a strong and rapid tolerance to the clen, why on earth would you possibly taper down? I mean if you do taper down, and you hit that 200mcg at your MID point in the cycle, what do you expect to get out of the 180mcg, 160, 140... 40mcg in the days to follow? Somebody intelligent please explain this to me!

  2. Well as it gets harder for your body to burn fat at higher doses, it only makes sense to reduce the amount when coming off so you don't crash when totally off, plus the momentum from the past week and a half should help burn your fat as well, even when tapering off the drug, but honestly it could be done the way you say, some don't taper at all.

    I would just taper so I could have enough on hand.

  3. I don't know SS but this clen cycle i'm not tapering at all. Been at 200 the past 4 days. We'll see what happens.

  4. I don't taper up anymore now that I know my max dose, and I just tend to run a few days at 1/2 dosing at the end as my "taper down" I don't crash hard off of stims.

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  5. Agreed, no taper down here.. Only up for the first 2-3 days so I don't end up filling out paperwork with a bunch scribbles, my hand writing's bad enough already, lol.

  6. I don't plan on tapering down on my clen cycle and will see how it goes.

  7. I don't taper down at all with clen. I have a feeling this may have come from people usually running it with T3, which was always recommended to be tapered (although that could be argued as well I'm sure).

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jweave23
    T3, which was always recommended to be tapered (although that could be argued as well I'm sure).
    I've tried to argue this one before, but to no avail. Makes a little more sense than with clen. To taper down clen is just plain dumb

  9. thanks for the info on "to taper or not to taper". It's good to hear people's experience, not just theory. Next question: Is it better to go 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, with E/C on off weeks as some have suggested, or do people find 3 or 4 weeks at a time effective? Also, do people find clen better utilized on cycle, or during PCT. Seems tome that if it helps combat catabolism, it would be great post-cycle, so you could keep cals moderate to high without getting fat!


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