Prog Gyno - Need Help Today!!

  1. Prog Gyno - Need Help Today!!

    Alright chaps.

    I came off a course of P-Mag 3 weeks ago, today being the start of week 4 of PCT. PCT has been Nolva, Erase, Recycle with the rest of my cycle support and Liver Milk.

    I started to get real bad itchy, sensitive nipples etc in week 5 and start Nolva at 20mg ed during the last week of the P-Mag. This seemed to make the majority of the symptoms calm down. However as the PCT has gone on I am still experiencing itchy nipples and they are puffy too, prog gyno I am guessing is the only solution I am running AI's and a SERM.

    I understand Nolva can stimulate progesterone receptors so may be making this worse, shall I get some AI's off my guy to finish up my PCT? Should I keep the Recycle and Erase in as well as running something like Arimidex? Or is this overkill? Or should I just drop the Nolva and stick with Recycle and Erase?

    Was thinking jump to Adex for the final week and taper off it? If it is not calming down in a fortnight then see my doctor?

    Advice please guys.

  2. You may want to add B6 and start taking it Today if you are taking Nolva and still experiencing the itchy and puffiness, 300mg should be good. B6 is good for Prolactin

  3. Thanks Fida will get some B6 asap.

    Any other suggestions on the questions posed?

  4. Well if it is prolactin, B6 (or p5p) and L-Dopa can reduce prolactin. I know someone had prolactin gyno and he got rid of it by taking B6 for a month but he had serious gyno. The other option is AI, so Arimidex would be good. Many used Letro gyno reduction procotol with different levels of success but that's too based on gyno such as lump.

    Having itchy and puffy nipples I would take an AI and B6 to cover all bases.

  5. OP- if you decide to use b6, use the p5p form of it.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  6. you have fckd up hormone gyno, not progestin gyno.

    get some p5p, mucina purinas standardized to 75% l-dopa or more, and maybe some vitex as well.

    I would also pick up some animal pm to use at night before you go to bed. it is a sleep/hgh product, and this should help as well.

    your goal during pct isn't too keep screwing up your hormones by putting the rollercoaster on cruise control.

    you're in week 4, so i'd say drop the nolva, and continue with a low dose ai so you control estrogen, not destroy it.

    get the products recomended above, and slowly work on restoring your bodys hormones to normal.

    prolactin and progestins are two different hormones also.

    gyno is from a multiple hormonal imbalance, like a pregnant woman. so gotta get that sht all balanced out. go get some blood work as well.

  7. Thanks a lot for the advice Jbry.

    You think it could be that bad off one course of P-Mag? I have never ran anything beforehand. I went straight onto a Nolva and Recycle then added Erase in the second week (with some free tribilus at high doses just because they were free). I thought this would have kept my Estro in check and helped raise my natural test back up just fine, seemed to have worked for many others when I was researching it.

    I didn't take any Nolva last night and they seem a lot less itchy today and will be getting some Arimidex later to run at a low dose for a few weeks, got some B6 but couldn't get the P5P variant, will be ordering online later. Going to go to the doctors next week and get some bloods done if it hasn't calmed down.

    How would you dose the L-Dopa? found some stuff on a site called Ecrater that comes in powdered form by the looks of it, 30g for about 10.


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