P-Mag Vs. H-drol

  1. P-Mag Vs. H-drol

    Which is better for size gains/overall?

  2. I've never done pmag so I can't speak to its gains....but I will say my helladrol cycle put on a solid 7-8 lbs after it was all said and done.

    However everyone responds differently. One person might gain 10 lbs off of hdrol and 5lbs off pmag and vice versa. So you'll just have to pick one.

  3. There is lots of posturizing regarding p-mag and h-drol, and really the best thing you can do would be to use both. People will react differently to each, and each has it's innate benefits. Both can be used for recomp, both can be used for bulk. Both can be had for roughly the same price: 26-30 dollars. Both are pretty mild as far as toxicity goes. P-mag seems to get more reports for increased strength and thickness, and i can agree to that. H-drol seems to pack on a few more lbs and a bit more water weight. The last 2 sentences are purely anecdotal, but it's what comes up often.

  4. i prefre hdrol to pmag, others may prefer pmag.

    it'll vary person to person.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    i prefre hdrol to pmag, others may prefer pmag.

    it'll vary person to person.
    Exactly, i found i really responded to P-Mag where as h-drol didn't work as well as i had hoped. Unfortunately it's always hard to compare as our diets are sometimes different and product manufacturers vary. The h-drol i took was from a company that is no longer in business and was pretty shady when i look back on it. The possibility of a bunk product is reasonable.

  6. I responded very well to H-drol I put on 15 lbs and then kept 10 of them and gained a lottttt of strength. I am currently doing a cycle of p-mag and have put on 9 lbs so far, it has def taken longer for pmag to kick in and i'm yet to notice much str gains 4 weeks in. Needless to say I will be sticking with H-drol! This is just my 2 cents

  7. from what ive noticed in logs it seems hdrol can be dosed a little lower (50/75/75/75/75/75, 2 bottes worth) and deliver great results and pmag is usually dosed around 100 for six weeks for great results. So in that since hdrol will be a little cheaper. There both great compounds though

  8. I'm on halotest-25 now. Tomorrow is the end of week 1. Haven't noticed anything yet, but I think I read it may kick in around week 2/3. Also my 1st cycle and I'm just at 50mg a day so far. May up the dose/extend the cycle depending on what's going on in the next week or two.

    On a different not I heard I may not be able to find CEL HDrol for long, so I think I'm going to order that and CEL p-mag for future use.
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