Alpha Mass stack with Andriol for increase the lymphatic absorption

  1. Smile Alpha Mass stack with Andriol for increase the lymphatic absorption

    Hello to all guys. I have already sent the email to CopyCat, Royd The Noyd and TheBGRigatoni to get information, I am now waiting for new responses from the CopyCat. However I wanted to have your opinion. I want to buy a few packs of Alpha Mass and I wanted to use it along with the Andriol TestoCaps (oral testosterone). I have many boxes of Andriol (Pharmaceutical Grade) and I wanted to use it in conjunction with Alpha Mass to increase absorption. According to you the Alpha Mass could increase the lymphatic absorption? I also wanted to know if the Alpha Mass has some interaction with zoloft? I take 50mg of zoloft for lunch. I await answers.

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  3. Guys anyone can tell me anything?

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  5. Who knows, we aren't pharmacist.
    why are you taking zoloft? Depressed?
    Messing up your hormones will make your depression symptoms worse.
    Oh shiit, I can see it now, another person in the news who had depression and took steroids and they caused them to kill them selves

  6. I take Zoloft for psychosomatic problems. With regard to hormones, I explained my situation in detail in another thread. Before prescribing the zoloft I was in therapy with oxandrolone, and they still are today. So the question is not the interaction between hormones and SSRIs, also because they are supervised by a physician. I wanted to try the Alphamass with Andriol because unfortunately the oxandrolone is expensive. I cycles of therapy with oxandrolone for 3 or 6 months and cost a lot. My question was to determine if the increased absorption alphamass dell'andriol in lymph. But I wanted to know if at the same time could also interact with the absorption of zoloft.

  7. in short, yes it will.

  8. u ever get any info?? interested as well


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