Tapering off letro

  1. Tapering off letro

    Have done some searches but cant find anything worth while.

    I tapered up to 2.5mg per day for roughly 2 weeks. now tapered down to 1.5mg per day for the past week, now if i gradually taper down to .50, then .50 EOD, .50 E3D, then .25 EOD, then .25 E3D, then come off, is it necessary to use another AI (i have Formestane) to prevent estro rebound?

    Or if i come down so gradually, should i not be worried about rebound?

  2. I have the exact same question: bump.

  3. Just drop to .5 mg e3d for a couple of weeks, then go off. Tapering off Letro to avoid rebound is very overrated.

  4. do have you have laid out in the 1st post. that will work out fine

  5. thanks guys!



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