Epi/halo cycle and libido?

  1. Epi/halo cycle and libido?

    Would an Epi/halo cycle suppress my libido?

  2. Probably by week 4. But this is usual with most PHs... Dermacrine, Sustain Alpha, Titanium XL or Androhard can help.
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  3. I think it was 30mg epi and 90 mg halo for 4 wks then tren at 90,60,30mg for 3 wks. Libido shutted down big time. Pct for 8 wks started to get better at about the 5-6 wk.

  4. oh yeah big time special both of those combined--seperately they are already known to do that combine em i dont think it makes it better
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  5. Do you think AI Perform will help big time with the loss?

  6. keep black pearl or ME-36 on hand for those nights... i vote for ME-36
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  7. Yes, and if it doesn't, you have some issues.
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