1-test vs 1-test Cypionate

  1. 1-test dosages second cycle

    Im planning my next cycle. The cycle im on now is a 400mg
    1ad oral and 700 4ad trans. So im planning on a 1-test 4ad. Was gonna make my
    own trans of test in customs t-gel then use their t-4. I was planning on a 5-6 week
    cycle so i would appriciate help on dosages. And i have nolva so either that or
    6-0x0 for pct. + zma trib ect. Thanks Also whats the ratio of 1test to 4ad 1:3?
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  2. 1-test cyp has an ester attached so it has a longer half life, which is useful for injections. For a 1-test trans, just use 1-test.

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