What say you about this particular PH ?

  1. Thumbs up What say you about this particular PH ?

    Alright so a buddy of mine has mentioned that he has the original M1T ... Should I jump on it or pass it off ? I've done different PHs so I know what I'm doing , just never tried this particular one . Thanks !

  2. If its real its good stuff! When did it expire though?
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  3. Says the exp is 2015 ..... I can get it for a good deal too .

  4. M1t is no joke. It's very VERY harsh. Please be sure you have all your support supps and pct in order first.

  5. Yeah, treat it like a high dose of Superdrol. Complete on cycle support, coupled with a well-rounded PCT. Limit it to 3-4 weeks max.

  6. Ya I'll run some thistle and PCT with Nolva . What would you guys recommend for lethargy? Usually on the strog stuff it gets me tired at work lol .

  7. If you want a good bulker, go for it. But keep the dosages low(10mg tops) and the cycle durations short 2-3weeks.
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