Test E/Tren Ace cycle

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    Test E/Tren Ace cycle

    Hey guys, I am getting ready to start a test E and tren ace cycle. This is my second test cycle and first time using tren. I am 24 years old, B.S in Exercise Science and M.A. in sports performance, so I know how to train. Question: is it worth anything just running test E at 250 mg once a week and tren ace at 50 mg eod or should I bump the test to 500 a week? I've read that both ways are successful, just didn't know if it's worth anymore to bump up the test? Thanks and I appreciate all the feedback!

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    Did you buy the stuff already because if did you should just research other cycles similar. If you didn't the. We can critique it
    Then you can gather the items needed. What do you have planned for pct?
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    I would bump them up personally, I ran them this summer at 800 test prop, and 300 tren ace...it was awesome. Alot of pinning but it was worth it.

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    Depends on what you want to do.

    More test = more size, more strength, more water retention

    More tren = more size, more strength, more hardness, more cuts, more vascularity

    I'd go 150-250 mg test Monday/Friday, and 50-75mg tren M/W/F.

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