Getting Ahead of Myself

  1. Getting Ahead of Myself

    OK. I know im getting a little ahead of myself by making this thread, but i just started my first PH cycle last week (running epi 6 weeks at 30/40/40/40/50/50) but i was wondering how many PH cycles i should do before ever trying SD? Just wondering, because I know im a beginner and all so I started with something a little mild and all but I really want to try SD after a few cycles if im ready but how do you know if your body is ready for something a bit more harsh? If my sides from the more mild compounds arent that bad?

  2. anyone at all...?

  3. Hmm. I'm no expert but from reading posts and what others have said it's basically a goal issue. Superdrol is damn strong. An so the sides, hepatatic stress, hpga effect will be strong as well. Not to mention the bad effect on cholesterol. If you are willing to take that plus the pain of on cycle sides, and rebound gyno risks then you are ready. In other words, nothing else makes you gain weight, get bigger, or get stronger.
    Some might disagree. But coming from a guy whose never run it, I can say that I am not ready. I think I can progress without it and on a little more mild compounds. But that's just me.
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  4. A lot of the more advanced trainers I know, with many cycles under their belts, will not touch superdrol anymore, and at the very least won't dose it over 10mg.

    If you want something that'll but a lot of mass on you, use Andromass. We have a buy one, get one free going right now.
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  5. oh awesome what would i take with an andromass cycle?



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