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I need help guys!! please look

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    I need help guys!! please look

    What would be a good route to start my first bike ride?

    I have been going gym over 4 years just have set backs like 4 lung collapses etc.

    i am 6"1 about 170lbs 13%bf 22 years old

    I am bulking now just seems muscles arent growing much i am doing a split also

    my diet is in check about 3800 calories 100 grams fat 220 protein rest in carbs

    so my question is could someone point me right direction of how to research so i know how to cycle over how many weeks and what PCT i need.

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    more food bro really before turning to hormones
    Noob looking for alot of guidance
    I've got a hold of some omnadren 250(is sustanon better?) and I'm pretty much clueless about steroids. All i know about it is that it easily aromatizes and it holds alot of water
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    are you sure you are putting down 500+ carbs? if so and those are really your macros and you arent growing then try increasing them, star with upping them by 10% each, if it still doenst help up them more.

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