Quick Epi cycle and PCT critique please

  1. Quick Epi cycle and PCT critique please

    I've been out of the PH/PS world for a while, and decided an Epi cycle would be a good one to get my feet wet again. I've researched a bunch, but I just wanted to get some confirmation that I have all my ducks in a row. Let me know what you think.

    Stats: 6'1", 212 lbs, 27 yrs old
    Previous cycles: 1,4 AD (Bold), H-Drol

    Epistane 30/40/40/40/50
    Supporting supps: multi vitamin, fish oil, AI Cycle Support

    Toremifene Citrate 90/60/60/30
    IForce Testabolan
    IForce Reversitol 3/2/2/1


  2. I'd go 6 weeks with it, 50-60mg is the sweet spot for dosage on it.

  3. Ditch the Reversitol, V1 was the sh!t, V2 is just sh!tty. If you havent been around in a while you prolly dont realize most of the good stuff has been banned. Next, i agree with Makaveli, 50mg is where you want to be, start at 40mg rather than 30. dont waste your time, stick with a dose that will bring results.

    I would also consider adding a bottle of transderm to the cycle for a T base. It will prevent lethargy, keep libido high, and provide some gains on its own.

    Last, IDK about Iforce stuff too much but get some DAA in your pct. Its too cheap and effective not to use it.....

  4. Actually, the Reversitol I have is the V1 from when I was into the anabolics a few years ago. I did realize that the good stuff has been dropping like flies due to daddy FDA, which sucks. I will probably pick up some DAA b/c its so cheap, but the Testabolan (original version) was pretty good. My bloodwork came back better post cycle than it was precycle, and since I still have a bottle, I figured I'd use it.

    Haven't read too much about the Transderm... who makes it and what's in it?

    Also, you say start with 40, but for how many weeks? 5 or 6? Should I stop at 50, or end at 60?


  5. Bump for my follow up questions.



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