PH Stack...need some help

  1. PH Stack...need some help decided to try some "Pro Hormones" and found this forum and thought I would ask. I am not new to lifting and not new to hormones...cycled the real deal a decade ago (cyp and few others) but dont want to go that route this time.

    Here is the cycle:

    DR1 Anabolic Supplement 2xs a day with following ingredients :
    Artemisia Dracunculus, Crape Myrtle, Locoweed-combined 350mg
    Stinging Nettle Leaf, 3 4 Divanillyltetahyofuan (95%), 19-nor-DHEA, 1-DHEA- combined 150MG
    Zinc Arginate Chelate, 6 7 Dihydroxyberamottin (DHB), BiPerine-combined 25 mg
    Take one in the morning and one afternoon

    Cyiano Cuts 3xs a day 10mg
    Take one in morning, afternoon, night

    Optimizer 1xs a day
    Chrysin (5 7-Dihydroxyflavone), Calcium D-Glucerate- Combined 125mg
    Milk Thistle(Silybum marianum)(seed)(standardized to contain 80% silymarin), Dandelion(Taracum officinale)(root)-Combined 75 mg
    Saw Palmetto, Pygeum extract-combined 55mg
    Take two at night

    I researched as much as I could and actually spoke to a few people locally that are taking something similar from same manufacturer.

    Anyone have any or used anything like it?

    I am needing to drop a few lbs, not necessarily over night but want to drop and keep muscle.

    I am 5'10"
    15+/- or BF%

    I have just taken way to many months off of lifting.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, etc are appreciated, but lets try not to flame out.

  2. if you are just getting back into lifting, I would wait on the cycle. If you insist however, I would say drop the milk thistle and add NAC and lecithin. Milk thistle blocks androgen from binding.

    I wont take anything that has any amount of milk thistle in it

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