P-stanz vs. D-Plex ("The one" clone)

  1. P-stanz vs. D-Plex ("The one" clone)

    I'm 2-1/2 weeks into my 11kt/11oxo cycle and I plan on adding another PH at the three week mark. I am following an intermittent fasting protocol and on a slight caloric deficit. Goals for the cycle are recomp, and to move up on a couple of lifts I've been struggling with. Body composition is the primary goal with strength being second and mass last (If I can move up on my lifts, mass will take care of itself).

    I have the following here:


    I would rather run Halo and Epi at a later time when my caloric intake is higher so I can take full advantage of those, and m5aa isn't much more than a pre workout booster, so that leaves P-stanz and D-plex.

    Anyone who have any experience with one or (better yet) both of these compounds (P-stanz and/or D-plex), how are they in terms of strength gains, sides, and shut down? Also info in regards to recovery time, BP effects, mood and libido effects, vascularity, ect. are all appreciated as well.

  2. go with dplex @ 120mg e/d.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    go with dplex @ 120mg e/d.
    The dosing sounds pretty close to what I was planning (125mg)...why do you reccomend D-plex over P-stanz?

  4. cause it is stronger, and more androgenic.

    pstanz will be safer if you can run it at 400mg e/d

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