Short cycles, some thoughts

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    I think that is exactly what jminis is referring to.

    Now, stop hogging my thread! Wait... Forget it, it isn't my thread at all...
    Gwunt, Lemmelone, I'm wetarted!

    jminis, thanks for the link, I either missed it or forgot about it

  2. No worries glad you found it.

  3. I started a similar discussion in called "burst cycliing" check it out if interested.

    anyway I am a big proponent of this type of steroid use. I think it is much healthier in the short and long run. However I do not think that these cycles should exclude test. Yes, I agree that depending on the goal, test may not be the best primary androgen to use, but if using tren and nandrolone (progestins), I think at least a replacement dose of test should be used. maybe 250mg per week.

    Now, according to the points brought up, the more androgenic the cycle is, the more suppressive it will be (not necessarily 'more' suppressive, but suppression is thought to set on faster in most). Obviously we are interested in runnign tren as the primary androgen, but in addition to the androgenicity from even a replacement dose of test, the time during which we arent shut down may be decreased.

    some may say its not even necessary to have test, and I can see why...less worry about estrogen, less total androgenicity, and why replace test if we are supposedly not shutting our natty test down fully anyway?

    what are other's opinions about that?

    I also think that guys should consider educating themselves on the use of slin (as it works very well with anabolic steroids). From experience, it has made a noticeable difference to me.

    If I were to design a seriesof cycles (to be repeated or changed depending on how they work) it would look like this:

    days 1-15: Test Prop 150mg ED (frontload day 1 with 200-250mg)
    Days 15-30: 45mg Test Prop ED (~replacement dosage)
    days 1-~30: NPP 700mg/wk (frontload 200mg day 1)
    days 3-30: Humalog 10iu PWO
    continually run: 10mcg EOD/E3D IGF-1LR3 PWO bi-lat

    AI: will have aromasin on hand, but may run dermacrine sustain as a natty AI until the aromasin is needed.

    NOTE:** I have been playing with the idea of 10mg Epistane ED during the high dose of TEST and NPP b/c at 10mg it helps me and others protect against gyno and some excess estrogen.

    week 1:120mg Toremifene for first 3 days then 90mg,
    week 2:90/75mg toremifene
    week 3:60
    week 4:30/0mg toremifene

    -retain 2 for cortisol control
    -natty test booster at full dose
    -Hyperdrol X2 half-full dose EOD

    days 1-15: Tren ace 100mg ED (200mg day 1)
    days 1~30: test prop 45mg ED (will yeild 248.5mg test/wk=replacement ish)
    days 15-~30: NPP 700mg/wk
    days 3-30: humalog 10iu PWO
    continuosly: 10mcg EOD/E3D PWO bi-lat

    AI: aromasin and D sustain on hand

    week 1:120mg Toremifene for first 3 days then 90mg,
    week 2:90/75mg toremifene
    week 3:60
    week 4:30/0mg toremifene

    -retain 2 for cortisol control
    -natty test booster at full dose
    -Hyperdrol X2 half-full dose EOD

    I like this idea becuase it is not the "same" mini cycle each time. It rotates. the first one is aimed at being "easier" (all compounds considered) thant the latter. Tren is stronger than test as an androgen, which is why it is used in the second mini cycle. Now, the reason I chose to do it in this order is becuase yes there will be some water retention with test and NPP and the overall result of that cycle will be a bit more smooth then it would be after the 2nd mini cycle. also, if the process were reversed, there may be diminishing results from the test and NPP cycle following the Tren and NPP cylce because the latter cycle would seem much stronger.

    BUT, the only Issue i see with this is it MAY interfere with recovery....(however I doubt it).

    both cycles are aimed at 50% androgen dominance and 50% anabolic domininance so as to maximize time on to ~30 days while minimizing the risk of increased shut-down severity.

    ****in my thread 'Burst Cycliing', I had come up with this idea which is 75% androgenic 25% anabolic. I think that this cycle would need to sit around 21 days becuase of the longer androgenic dominance. The idea with incorporating epistane the way I suggested is interesting for discussion though

  4. Bumpin' this baby..

    btw, what do you guys think of this? It'll be my first injectable cycle.

    Week1: Test Prop. 200mg for first 2 injections, then 150mg/ MethylE 30mg
    Week2: TP 150mg EOD/ M-E 30mg
    Weeks3-4: TP 150mg EOD/ M-E 40mg

    Post Cycle Therapy:
    Toremifene: 60/60/45/30

    May go to 5 weeks, opinions?

  5. bringing the original thread back up.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Harland View Post
    this doesn't sound that bad imo
    Novice...TEST PROP/TREN

    Test prop 75mg/day for 4 weeks and tren 50mg/day for 4 weeks. Serms as above. Nolva on hand.

    You could split that up into EOD injects, instead of ED injects?

    This might be a stupid a stupid questions but,
    what if you went off longer then suggested.

    say do a 4 week then do like 8 weeks off, then a 6 and wait 12 weeks. Still be as effective?
    This sounds really interesting, has anyone ever tried this? And is it true that Tren is harsh on the scalp?


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